Mija Medić, Hotel Manager

Mija Medić, Hotel Manager at Vestibul Palace in Split

Mija Medić is a hotel manager at Vestibul Palace Hotel in Split. She has been part of the hospitality industry since 2015. Mija finished Tourism High School in Dubrovnik and obtained the degree of technician of tourist units and hospitality businesses. Throughout high school she worked as a trainee receptionist at different hotels, gaining first-hand experience of having direct contact with hotel guests and learning about hotel operations, but also discovering the importance of a good rapport with hotel guests. During high school Mija worked as an intern at the tourist agency too. Mija’s exposure to different segments of tourism industry at high school age made her realize that she wanted to embark on a career in the hospitality industry. She fell in love with this industry because of direct contact with guests, and the opportunity given by hospitality industry to offer guests most memorable destination-related experiences. After high school Mija attended the Split Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism, majoring in Tourism and Travel Services Management, and for the first three years worked as a student at the front desk and the food and beverage department at one of the Split hotels. While she was in her fourth year of studies, in 2018, she began to work as a student receptionist at Vestibul Palace Hotel. In 2020 she was entrusted with the task of heading the sales department, and in 2022 she took over the hotel management as well. What Mija loves best about her work is identifying the guests’ needs and the adrenaline rush in the peak season, but also the service satisfaction the hotel guests feel in the end.