Sandra Macan, Executive Housekeeper

Sandra Macan, Executive Housekeeper at Adriatic Hotel in Rovinj

Sandra Macan is an executive housekeeper at Adriatic Hotel in Rovinj, and has been a professional housekeeper since 2000.

Sandra embarked on her housekeeping career at Maistra Hospitality Group as a maid at Villas Rubin and Eden Hotel, where she worked from 2000 to 2008. From 2009 to 2017

Sandra’s career path developed: she became a head maid, then a housekeeper at Monte Mulini Hotel, and eventually the executive housekeeper at Adriatic Hotel in 2017.

Sandra is appreciated for her collegiality and availability, both to fellow housekeepers and guests, and for her way of doing her job and tasks – she is precise, extremely responsible and meticulous.

The hotel director pointed out that having Sandra as a housekeeper makes him proud and carefree as she is a person who responds to challenges with a smile and is always ready to be at anyone’s disposal.

Sandra has also proved to be a good mentor, among other things. She is very good at training, teaching and onboarding new employees. Sandra admits that she is proud to be able to share her knowledge and experience with employees who want to learn and develop.

“My maids are my strength. We strive to make all our guests feel as home by being professional, kind, smiling and taking care of the smallest details.

My greatest pleasure is to see my team rise to their daily challenges with a smile and to know that we will manage to deal with them successfully by investing a dedicated team effort.”